Ambrosía Catering Barcelona
Catering Barcelona


Outstanding aperitifs and dishes of own creation, with the quality of the most demanding palates.


Our essence is portrayed through our flavors and the unforgettable culinary experience that we offer with our delicious recipes. Using the heart of the tasty and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, we innovate and improve, by including brushstrokes of the best Italian gastronomy and touches of international cuisine.

Always with products of maximum quality, fresh and seasonal, we strengthen the natural flavor, whilst respecting its designation of origin, and not forgetting the most attractive and tempting presentation. Tradition and creativity go hand in hand to elaborate a unique and original gastronomic experience, with own-created dishes exquisitely elaborated.


We selected a vast and prestigious selection of national and international wines, to offer you the best options that accompany each dish.


However, if your wishes go further than that and you want a specific wine we guarantee that our sommelier will do his best to find it.

From the most recognized and researched wines, to the most novel and personalized ones, our alliance with small and big cellars world wide, guarantees a vast choice of wines for all tastes as well as our clients satisfaction.

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