Ambrosía Catering Barcelona
Catering Barcelona

Yachts & sailing

The sea, excellent wine
and delicious dishes
What more can you ask for?

In addition you can always also request the most exclusive and elaborate products from our Black Gold Line, that can be delivered directly on the boat (refer to "something special" for more details).


Cruising in the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable moments you can experience. We propose to complement your day at sea with our exquisite gastronomy, guaranteeing in this way a complete experience of senses. Ambrosía Concept Catering not only offers its services on land but also at high sea. Whether you prefer for Ambrosia to deliver their special food package to bring with you on board, or have our chef join on board to cook any specific and sophisticated culinary desires you may have during the trip.

Yachts & Sailing  | Catering Barcelona: Ambrosía
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